Intelligent solutions

Beyond Precision Medicine

Our solutions provide a better understanding of treatment response, helping clinicians more effectively treat complex diseases.

a new world of clinical decision support

We have developed a clinical decision support platform based on advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence, to revolutionize evaluation of treatment response in patients with complex diseases. With a current focus on oncology, our patented technology automatically detects lesions and quantifies disease burden over time. This allows researchers to better understand disease and clinicians to more precisely treat patients, ultimately helping improve patient outcomes and reducing healthcare system costs.

Who our solution helps

Oncologists and clinicians

We help oncologists and clinicians treat patients more effectively and win the toughest battles.
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Radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians

We amplify the medical expertise of radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians so you can be more productive and effective.
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Pharmaceutical companies

Our technology enables quicker clinical trials and can facilitate increased market share.
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We provide intelligence you cannot get from other systems or tools. Our platform will help you increase your understanding of your patients' disease, make better treatment decisions, determine treatment effectiveness sooner, and extend patients' lives.

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Our advanced analytics software is the intelligent backbone to a platform of tools that will make your job easier, speed up your analyses, support your medical expertise, and allow you to work more effectively with clinicians. 

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Pharmaceutical Companies

Incorporating AIQ products into your drug development clinical trials

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