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August 20, 2020
On Thursday (8.20.20) AIQ's Chief Innovation Officer, Stephen Yip, Ph.D. delivered a digital address to researchers at the University of Chicago. The presentation centered on the value that AIQ's medical software device platform can bring to clinical studies that focus on the effects of therapy in patients suffering from COVID-19. AIQ is actively working to support COVID-19 research by supplying our treatment response technology to those researching the virus.


August 12, 2020
Due to COVID -19, we have decided to suspend all in person meetings until further notice. We're all anxious to get back on the road soon, to meet with customers, partners and advocates.


July 16, 2020
Advanced imaging is one technology that could offer a real solution in predicting both the beneficial treatment response and the harmful side effects of immunotherapy treatments. At AIQ Solutions, we are working on technology that combines PET/CT scan data with advanced algorithms to better determine which patients will have a desirable response to immunotherapy.

Delivering actionable intelligence that enhances understanding of treatment response for complex diseaseS 

The AIQ Solutions medical software platform allows researchers to understand disease better and clinicians to manage patients more effectively.

Incomplete treatment response information can lead to ineffective therapy choices

Heterogeneity understood through AIQ Solutions intelligence

We provide detailed information highlighting treatment response heterogeneity to build a comprehensive Treatment Response Assessment.

Improve patient

Optimize therapy through early identification of sub-optimal treatment response and direct targeting of treatment resistance.

Reduce healthcare costs associated with INeffective treatments

Extend benefit of effective therapies, avoid unnecessary use of expensive combination therapies, and reduce spending on ineffective therapies.

Streamline drug development

Make more efficient go/no-go decisions by better understanding pharmacodynamic effects and mechanisms of resistance in shorter, smaller studies.

AIQ technology can be applied in a broad range of clinical scenarios

Below are a few examples of how our treatment response assessments have been applied.

Type of therapy

- Immunotherapy    
- Targeted radionuclide therapy
- Chemotherapy
- Hormone-receptor targeting  
- Theranostics


- Metastatic prostate cancer  
- Metastatic breast cancer 
- GI neuroendocrine tumors
- Metastatic melanoma
- Osteoporosis


- Bone    
- Liver    
- Lung    
- Lymph nodes

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Per the US FDA, AIQ technology is indicated for use in the identification, quantification, and evaluation of Regions of Interest (ROIs) from digital medical images, including PET and CT. Any other applications of AIQ technology are for research purposes only.