AIQ is making a difference

technology to assess treatment response

AIQ Solutions captures intelligence from standard format imaging data, delivering guidance for the treatment of patients.

Intelligent Insights from imaging data

What is AIQ's technology?

AIQ’s technology is driven by artificial intelligence and designed to improve the understanding of patient treatment response for complex diseases. We do this by capturing and quantifying patient imaging data.

AIQ's technology is modality agnostic.  We’re able to use data from PET, CT and other types of scans to provide oncologists, radiologists and researchers with multiple layers of information that are relevant for evaluating the effectiveness of prescribed patient treatments.

How AIQ Works

What the Technology Does

The first step is for clinical sites to upload the patient’s anatomic and molecular scans to AIQ’s technology platform. The AIQ algorithms then use artificial intelligence and other advanced analytics to do the following:


Localize and identify all the individual lesions based on molecular imaging agent uptake in combination with anatomical CT information. AIQ’s proprietary algorithms adjust the threshold standardized uptake values [SUV] based on disease type and physiological location.


Quantify the disease burden associated with each individual lesion based on molecular imaging agent uptake values.


Automatically correct for changes in patient position among scans from different time points using an articulated registration technique that employs a rigid registration of individual skeletal bones from CT combined with data of lesions from PET/CT.


Match lesions from successive scans to establish longitudinal correspondence of the lesions and to assess response.


Calculate a comprehensive set of treatment response metrics consisting of different SUV measures.


Export results in different formats, including a treatment planning report for the oncologist and an interactive review application for the radiologist/nuclear medicine physician.

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Per the US FDA, AIQ technology is indicated for use in the identification, quantification, and evaluation of Regions of Interest (ROIs) from digital medical images, including PET and CT. Any other applications of AIQ technology are for research purposes only.