AIQ Technology: A Next Generation Platform for Treatment Response Assessment

Treatment response heterogeneity is clinically relevant because resistance in a very small fraction of lesions can drive negative overall outcomes. This paper discusses how AIQ's technology platform goes beyond traditional evaluation approaches to provide actionable intelligence to inform treatment decisions by physicians and advance research for new therapies.

Intra-Patient Heterogeneity of Treatment Response in Complex Diseases

Not all patients respond the same way to a given therapy. This paper discusses how heterogeneity of treatment response is under-recognized and how AIQ's technology platform was developed to address this unmet need.

Actionable Intelligence on Pharmacodynamic Effects Improves Clinical Studies

The value of quantitative knowledge related to intra-patient heterogeneity and its advancements in clinical studies is significant. As the pharmaceutical industry continues its progression into larger, more expensive randomized Phase II studies, the risk in terms of finances, resources and time becomes much greater, especially when there is limited understanding of an asset's efficacy potential. Learn how AIQ's technology platform supports a better understanding of those assets through four life science applications.

Per the US FDA, AIQ technology is indicated for use in the identification, quantification, and evaluation of Regions of Interest (ROIs) from digital medical images, including PET and CT. Any other applications of AIQ technology are for research purposes only.