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Why don't we cure most adults with metastatic cancer?

Dr. Liu discusses the reasons why it's more difficult to cure metastatic cancer in adults compared to curing cancer in children.

What impacts treatment response?

Dr. Liu describes the drivers of treatment response in adults and why it's important to consider biological factors as well as inter-patient heterogeneity when considering the treatment type

How do oncologists make treatment decisions currently?

Dr. Liu describes how oncologist currently make treatment decisions based on trade offs of benefits and risks.

What are guidelines for clinical trials?

Dr. Liu describes what guidelines are for clinical studies, why they're important, as well as considerations to keep in mind as you chose the right guidelines for a specific study.

What are the challenges in making treatment decisions for an individual?

Dr. Liu addresses the challenges when making decisions for an individual terms, and why including objective information is helpful during treatment.

What are the challenges in drug development?

Dr. Liu discusses the challenges in developing complex drugs within oncology.

How can you increase efficiency in drug development

Dr. Liu speaks to how efficiency in drug development can increase by taking advantage of comprehensive treatment response data in early clinical trials.

How can you design studies for individuals

Dr. Liu discuss's how the goals of drug development and the goal of individual therapy can merge to create opportunities to study the individual using their inter-lesion response.

How can studies be designed to minimize resistance, and not maximize respone?

Dr. Liu explains how designing a trial to minimize treatment resistance can be a better strategy than maximizing response.

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