Quantitative Total Bone Imaging


About QTBI

QTBI is a software tool that automatically identifies and contours tracer uptake in bone in full or partial body scans, in order to assist with spatial assessment of disease in patients diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer. The tool can automatically fuse and register a series of scans of the same patient over time, allowing evaluation of quantitative temporal change. QTBI provides detailed reports for each hotspot, including 3D interactive rendering of images with highlighted, classified contours.


QTBI targets metastatic bone disease from prostate or breast cancer.


QTBI achieved US FDA 510(k) clearance (as part of QTxI 1.0) in July, 2018.


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Harmon SA, Perk T, Lin C, et al. Quantitative assessment of early [18F]sodium fluoride positron emission tomography/computed tomography response to treatment in men with metastatic prostate cancer to bone. J Clin Oncol.2017;35(24):2829-2837.

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