AIQ’s medical device technology platform revolutionizes the evaluation of treatment response in patients with complex diseases, beginning with oncology. This technology, driven by artificial intelligence, allows researchers to better understand disease and clinicians to more effectively manage patients. This ultimately helps improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare system costs.

Therapy Optimization

Understand and target treatment resistance, which drives therapy outcomes.

actionable intelligence

Unique information provided at the right time  to support treatment decisions.


Avoid unnecessary costs associated with
ineffective patient therapies.

Make Better go/no-go Decisions

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Improve patient outcomes

For hospitals

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The importance of heterogeneity

A new approach to treatment management

Treatment response is highly heterogeneous

The scientific community has long appreciated the impact of heterogeneity of treatment response  between  patients:  not  all  patients  respond  the  same  to  a given  therapy.  However,  heterogeneity  of  treatment  response  within  an  individual  patient,  intra-patient heterogeneity, is under-recognized. This intra-patient heterogeneity of treatment response can be spatial—treatment response that differs by anatomical location—and/or temporal—treatment response that changes over time. A 2017 multi-site study demonstrated a high degree of intra-patient treatment response heterogeneity, as shown in the figure within this section. The percentage of lesions that are responding, stable, and resistant varies considerably within each patient, as do the relative percentages among patients.

Each patient is represented by a single bar, and the colors depict the percentage of each patient’s lesions by treatment response category. (iND: New Diseasei PD: Progressing Disease, iSD: Stable Disease, iPR: Partial Response, iCR: Complete Response)

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Per the US FDA, AIQ technology is indicated for use in the identification, quantification, and evaluation of Regions of Interest (ROIs) from digital medical images, including PET and CT. Any other applications of AIQ technology are for research purposes only.