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AIQ's treatment response reports enhance your understanding of pharmacodynamics with precise spatiotemporal lesion analytics.

Discover how AIQ assesses treatment response using heterogeneity.

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AIQ's medical device technology platform allows pharmaceutical companies to evaluate novel therapies faster and with fewer patients, reducing costs and expediting clinical trials. Our technology quantifies intra-patient heterogeneity of treatment response, which drives clinical outcomes.

Early quantification of pharmacodynamic effects

Early quantification of lesion heterogeneity in pharmacodynamic effects, strongly correlates to overall response.

The graph on the left is the disease burden after 12 weeks and the graph on the right is the disease burden at clinical progression, with the patients shown here in the same order. Each  patient is represented by a single bar and the colors depict the percentage of each patient’s lesions by treatment response category.

Determine pharmacodynamic effects with fewer patients

Quantification of individual lesion treatment response enables statistically significant data with a smaller sample size.

In a published Phase 2 study a full 97patient sample set failed to meet the primary endpoint of metastasis-free survival after 24 months. Before shutting down the study, the company decided to analyze a subset of 34 patients using AIQ's technology. Our analysis showed that despite  initial results, there was significant difference in PD effects between control and experimental arms, demonstrating median disease burden decreased by 23% in the experimental arm vs. a 53% increase in the control group after only six months. The change in SUVtotal was different suggesting that we were detecting physiologic differences due to treatment and may provide a good biomarker for future development.

Understand mechanism of resistance

Spatial information enables biopsy of resistant and responding lesions to understand biological drivers of resistance.

AIQ's technology can guide directed biopsies. Above is an image of a patient with metastatic prostate cancer under Enzalutamide treatment. The two adjacent lesions shown (one responding, and one resistant) were biopsied and compared using RNA analysis for further understanding of how the patient was responding to treatment.

evaluate novel combination and sequence therapies

Pilot studies can compare permutations of  sequence and combination therapies before committing to a larger study.

AIQ’s technology allows the evaluation of your novel therapies faster and with fewer patients. AIQ’s Treatment Response Assessment provides an intervention point to help you decide to continue your studies with the same asset or replace the asset.  Early pilot studies with AIQ can also compare single or multiple permutations of combination and sequence therapies before committing to a larger study.

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A simple workflow

AIQ’s workflow is simple and easy to implement with no interruptions. We pride ourselves on collaborative relationships that work more as partnerships. These workflows work whether you are running a single or multi-site study. We also partner with  CROs to acquire the imaging data.

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Per the US FDA, AIQ technology is indicated for use in the identification, quantification, and evaluation of Regions of Interest (ROIs) from digital medical images, including PET and CT. Any other applications of AIQ technology are for research purposes only.